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Hi, my name is Nina, and making beautiful soap really inspires me.

I live in New York and have been working in the medical field since 2009.  Serving as an essential worker during the pandemic took a lot out of me so I searched for something to fulfill the creative side of me, something to lighten me.  I felt the need to take a break and set my soul free, to explore something new that would give me joy. I searched and discovered cold process soap making in 2022, and have been inspired ever since! 

After happily making dozens of small batches of soap, I decided to share my inspiration with the world.

I wanted to have fun and enjoy what I was making – the colors, the smell, the different forms and the feel of it all.  It makes me happy when I enter the bathroom and breathe in the nice fragrance of my soap all around in the air.  It is truly relaxing and fulfilling to me.

With everything going on in the world, I’ve chosen to focus on my inner self.  I want to have a balanced life and be able to be open and inspire others to do the same.  It is hard to relax and let the many thoughts of life go. It is much easier to stay focused on the day’s events than to let go. How many times I’ve layed down on the bed with one idea in my head just trying to calm down? Unfortunately it never happened quickly. My head would spin with thousands of different thoughts, plans and arrangements battling in my head. My body, not moving, but my mind would be working hard.

What do I need to do to just relax and not think?  I’ve chosen to refocus. My way to do this is to replace these constant thoughts with some soft music, the warm light of a candle, a hot bath, some calming aromatherapy, art and maybe a little reading.

The soaps I create are the way I talk with myself, the way I find peace, how I let go and get inspired.

This is my happiness within.  This is my pure joy.

I play around with the colors, scents, and different forms.  It gives me great happiness to share my newfound joy with you. I sincerely hope you will be able to find something special here for yourself or for your loved ones; something you can use every day or gift for a special occasion.

For everything I make, I identify the exact ingredients I’ve used so you can be as informed as possible.

All of my soap is made in small batches to ensure the highest level of quality, using the traditional cold process method. 

My goal is to create luxurious, hand-crafted products that you can be proud to gift to loved ones, display in your home, and use on your own skin. I am dedicated to offering you a superior and pure product at an affordable price; concentrating on ingredients and quality. Thanks for taking your time to check my stuff out and also believing and supporting my passion!  

I absolutely wouldn't be here without you and am so grateful for all your support!

Love Always,


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